infinite spoec in wild=[]!

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infinite spoec in wild=[]!

Post  magiiik on Mon Dec 27, 2010 2:45 pm

well i jus got ipbanned for trying to help a kid not get speced by the gmaul infinite spec i ol him and rollop have been doing in the wild and i ol was attacking a guy and i steped in and the rule is if yu 1 item yu get banned will i 2 items not 1 it's 2 and i got ipbanned this jus shows how sad people are? so tbh rollop should give up his mod b/c mods dnt do glitchs? nd give there pass's over so that other people can ban other people and i got proof of this in lyk 3 vids...idk how to put up the vid atm but if anyone can help me how ill have the vid up as soon as possible to show my proof....sum-1 help?


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