Small forum adjustments

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Small forum adjustments

Post  Hunter on Sat Dec 11, 2010 6:37 am

Just a few things that I think would improve the forums.

1. A home-page, where general news and announcements are displayed. Recent posts and threads, as well as current polls, should be visible on this page.
2. A multi-command word. For example, I think it's pretty damn hard inserting an orange text that is also large. And it also takes the command to the bottom, where it's unusefulness may be displayed. Maybe it should come wherever the mouse cursor is?
3. The threads have to be a little.. BIGGER. I can't fit a full screenshot into any of the threads, only like the left half of one.
4. The addition of the Off-Topic Section:
Off-Topic Section- Post here, for things unrelated to any of the above sections.
Sports- Discussing upcoming sports, (Could also put a betting section in here, with mods supervising of course).
Spam- No Post-Count is given for topics in this section
Online Media- APPROPRIATE videos and or pictures are posted here for humor or discussion.
Homework Help- Title tells it all

That's all for now. Consider it please.

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